Embracing the Shadow

As a kid, I was scared of the dark. To be more exact, I was terrified of the dark. I could not walk through my childhood home without turning on lights.. At 33, with three children under 4 and separation papers ready to serve my husband, I cried one night and asked the Divine how would I ever survive, a woman who could not even walk through her house at night without turning on the lights.

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Unleashing the Light

Barbara and I buried our beloved dog of more than seventeen years last week.  Gabe was one of my best friends, a constant companion when I was home, accompanying me as I worked in the garden, the orchard, cutting firewood. He liked nothing better than to “help me” with whatever I was doing, which meant just being outside and being with me as I worked.

He died in early March, when the ground was still frozen.

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