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Our Approach

Our Calling

We are called to create a container, one woven of leaders and participants living in truth and grace, co-creating spaces of bravery and refuge, where the power of God to reveal and heal is present and lively.  By inviting people into a deeper experience of the Divine, a greater awareness of their own internal blocks to God’s presence, and the way that they project wounded parts of themselves onto others, we believe we can bring much-needed healing to each other, our communities, and our planet. Read more...

Our Story

Our Story

Since the summer of 2017, we have been holding the question as to how to respond to the rising tide of fear, hatred of "the other," division, and loss of civility which has been sweeping our country and the world. While all those things have deep roots in our culture, they are now both more visible, and also much worse.

This program is our faithful response to those outward conditions in our world, which we see as a reflection of our inward disconnection- from our humanity and from the Divine.  It is our sense that by connecting people with a deeper experience of the Divine, a greater awareness of their own internal blocks to God’s presence, and the way that they project wounded parts of themselves onto others, that we can bring some healing to our time.

Who We Are

Angela York Crane

Angela York Crane

I feel fortunate for a vocation of helping co-create  environments and moments for people to tell the stories that have not yet been told, to learn to find the gifts and vibrancy in their shadow, and to deeply listen to their inherent insight and Inner Light. It is said that we create for others what we most need for ourselves, and I can testify that it is experiencing all of what I have listed above are foundational parts of my life/faith journey.

I was raised in a charismatic/pentecostal Roman Catholic family, where I fell in love with the Divine/The Inner Light, struggled with the constraints of patriarchy and abuse,  and learned to live in the at times paradoxical truth of the complexity of life. In my thirties, as my first marriage fell apart, I started therapy with a pastoral care counselor and  I was led to participate in small groups for adults impacted by childhood sexual, physical and spiritual trauma, the work focused on inviting hearts that had suffered trauma to dare to open again, and experience the healing power of connection with oneself, others, God and nature. I soon was asked to become a group facilitator, and then a trainer of facilitators.

In my forties, I participated in the School of the Spirit program On Being a Spiritual Nurturer and was certified as a spiritual director (SD) through the Jungian Mystical Christian Wisdom tradition Haden Institute Spiritual Direction program where I was asked to  become a mentor and small group facilitator. I am also  certified as a trauma competent professional, having studied individual, societal and intergenerational trauma.

My struggle with autoimmune illness brought me to a Hatha yoga, meditation, and pranayama/breath practice, where I learned to better maintain my health, manage my physical pain, monitor and build resiliency, embody presence, and deepen my path of devotion. I often serves as a Quaker elder when invited to do so, I serve as a Philadelphia YM Social Justice Resource Friend, I am deeply committed to anti-racism work and living life with an open heart and in the Light.  My physical home is in Philadelphia shared with my spouse Len, our dogs, Lucy and Elway and at times, my three adult sons.  

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Anj is a gift to spiritual seekers everywhere. She is intuitive, able to assist the individual in moving beyond established patterns. This good work has equipped me to serve in a world which desperately needs justice, love and healing.

-- L.Quinlan, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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Christopher Sammond

One of my greatest joys is to help people into a deeper experience of the Divine.  I am passionate about the potential for Quaker worship to be a vehicle for encountering the Living God and am devoted to helping Friends to deepen in that practice.

Growing up, my family presented the image of a normal, middle-class home. With two alcoholic parents, the inner reality was quite different. Repeating some of my parents’ mistakes resulted in the failure of my first marriage. That wake-up call led me to Al-anon, therapy, and Quakers. The disparity between the image and the reality of my family has spurred me my whole life to seek out people intent on living deeply in truth. That commitment drew me to serve as a spiritual counselor or chaplain at a drug and alcohol treatment center, in a hospice program, and to service with Friends.

Yearning to meet others in communities of depth and truth, I have devoted most of my life to fostering healthy spiritual community. I have been fascinated by how spiritual power works in groups, and its capacity to heal individuals and address apparently intransigent social injustices. For thirty years, I have led workshops and retreats inviting Friends into spiritual depths, and more recently into an exploration of our own shadow material, how we make some people into “the other.”

While a resident at Pendle Hill Center for Study and Contemplation, experiences of Jesus touched my heart, and began the process of my shifting from being a Christophobic Friend to a Christ-centered one. I was led to go to seminary, where my focus was on Spirit-led leadership and on the wounding nature of power and privilege for those who inhabit them. Part of my spiritual growth and healing has been body centered, benefiting from work with Healing Touch and Qi Gong. One particular gift I feel I bring to this work is a familiarity with the felt sense on a body level of what it means to surrender to God, and the practice of helping others to find that “switch” within themselves.

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In Christopher's workshop, I had a profound opening to love. He offered us practices and experiences with which to do this work as well as a safe and sacred space in which to do it. Opening and connecting my heart to love of others and of God was overwhelming for me, and I always felt that we were walking in the Light together, at our own pace, in joy. I am very grateful for this experience.

JT Dorr-Bremme, Monadnock Quaker Meeting, Jaffrey, NH

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