And What Do We Mean By “Power?”

The vision we were given for this work carries a sense of Barclay’s quote “For, when I came into the silent assemblies of God’s people, I felt a secret power among them, which touched my heart; and as I gave way unto it I found the evil weakening in me and the good raised up.” That secret power, God’s power, aches to rest in us as much as we ache to rest in it.  The world is calling us into that place. The invitation is full on.

We want to explore, in community and individually, what it looks like to “give way” unto that power and to experiment, in many modalities, ways to have that power rest in us, and for us to rest in that power. We seek to create an environment of curiosity and longing- to know what are the blockages that limit our ability to give ourselves fully.

We also want to explore what are the ways we “…compass ourselves about with the sparks of our own kindling, and so please ourselves and walk in the light of our own fire...” (paraphrasing Penn, paraphrasing Isaiah 50:11) that we need to turn away from, to clear the way for the real life and power to light our path and guide our footsteps?  What are the patterns we have that stand in the way of being an example? What are the skills we need to learn to hold that power responsibly and to live out of it? How do we expand our capacity to be containers for that power, and allow it to run in us, and through us? How do we increase our longing enough that we are willing to lay down our swords of self-protection and complacency?

The above text was what Angela, Christopher, and Anne Pomeroy wrote in partial response to the request for submissions of new programs by the School of the Spirit board.  That early seed, written long before this program even had a name, has had constancy as Angi and Christopher have continued in preparing the program now named “Participating in God’s Power.”

Angi and Christopher


5 thoughts on “And What Do We Mean By “Power?””

  1. Ever since Sunday when I heard about this offering from Tony and Patsy Martin, I have longed to participate. The words of these three paragraphs, and in fact everything I have read on the website have nourished my interest. I am 80 years old, living on a very small income. The expense of travel to the residencies from Virginia, as well as the cost of the program itself will be far more than I can afford. Yet I would like to continue to nurture the little spark that is in my heart. On that note, I would like to continue to read your blog!

    1. Dear Susan, It warms my heart to hear how this program and the leadings which have prompted it have resonated with you. Thank you for sharing that.

      And, if that longing in your heart to participate in the program continues, I urge you to take that leading seriously, and not cut it off at the root before it has a chance to grow. Take your leading to your meeting, and see what happens. And contact the School of the Spirit administrator. We are in earnest about our commitment that no one who is led to be there should be turned away.


    2. Dear Susan, I can only echo what Christopher has already said. And I am so glad that you are looking at a clearness committee to help discern this longing!


  2. Thank you. I am working on my application, and preparing to invite a Clearness Committee…perhaps after your time with us in April.

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