The Arc of the Four Residencies

We see the journey towards selfhood - becoming the seed God planted within us before our birth - as having a shape or arc of movement. The progression of our residencies and virtual retreats reflect that arc: Incarnation; Temptation; Harrowing/ Crucifixion; Resurrection/Transformation. Each residency or virtual retreat will touch on all four of these threads, and each one will focus more on one thread than the others. For more details, see the program guide here.

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a flower blooms from the rock

Residency 1

You are my Beloved, in whom I am most pleased.(Mt 3:17)

August 22-26, 2019
Hallelujah Farm, Chesterfield, NH

There is a spark of the Divine in each of us, ready to burst into flame.  This first residency helps us to connect more deeply to that Spark, to be led and guided by it, and to begin the process of recognizing what obscures it.


Residency 2

It wasn’t that bad making bricks back in Egypt
(Ex 16:3- loosely paraphrased)

February 13-17, 2020
Franciscan Spiritual Center, Aston, PA

Our fear of change undermines our willingness to hear and follow Divine guidance.  That resistance often gets in the way of our whole bodied, full-hearted acceptance and embrace of the new life being offered us. The second residency focuses on becoming more aware of our resistance to God’s will.


Residency 3

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
(Lk 23:34)

May 22-25- September 4-7 2020

 Series of virtual retreats and Video Conferences

Surrender and forgiveness open the door to the new life within waiting to be born.  This is both individual and communal work.  Individual and communal forgiveness and healing act in a reciprocal fashion, each furthering the other. This series of three and one day virtual retreats gives us practical tools to open to this transformation.


Residency 4

Were our hearts not burning within us?
(Lk 24:32)

September 7, 2020- May 27, 2021

 Series of Virtual Retreats With a Concluding Residency When Pandemic Allows

Daylesford Abbey, Paoli, PA

Living into a life transformed and renewed, living into being the person we were called to be and the work we were called to do, is a lifelong ongoing process. The fourth movement in our arc of learning helps us to structure our lives in a way that supports and firmly launches us on a life of ongoing transformation and faithfulness.

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Video Conferences

There is a 3 hour video conference between each of the residencies.  These opportunities help maintain community and provide teachings which will inform the upcoming residency.


Video Conference 1

Hallmarks of the Ego-Self: Shame, Fear and Anger


Video Conference 2

Abandonment in God


Video Conference 3

More on Forgiveness

Cost, Scholarships, and Payment Schedule

Cost: Cost for the year-long program is $3,550. If you feel drawn to the program, please apply! We offer scholarships and celebrate their use by participants. No applicant, once accepted, has withdrawn from a School of the Spirit program for lack of funding. To learn more about scholarships, different options for payment schedules, and our refund policy, please visit the Money Matters page. We can also work with you to arrange a payment plan that fits your situation.


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