Participating in God’s Power Scholarship Application

The School of the Spirit Ministry (SotS) invites Friends and members of other churches to participate in its programs. With the support of individual contributors and Quaker granting agencies, SotS can award some scholarships to those accepted into the Participating in God’s Power program. Scholarships help lower tuition for those demonstrating need.

Acceptance into the program is not dependent on your ability to pay. Accordingly, scholarship applications will not be considered prior to your acceptance. Once you submit a payment plan, an application for scholarship may be submitted at any time while you are in the program, and you may submit more than one scholarship application if personal circumstances change during the course of the year.

Please also note the following guidance:

1. Applicants need to seek support first from other sources, in particular from your Monthly, Quarterly/Regional, and Yearly Meetings.*

2. An applicant is expected to make some personal contribution to the cost of tuition.

3. If at all possible, submit your scholarship application no later than July 31, 2019, following acceptance into the program.

If you have further questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.


* Other resources may also be available to you. Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page for links to some possibilities.

Please click on one of these links for applications to the scholarships available through the School of the Spirit Ministry:

PIGP Scholarship Application. Will download as a Word document. Complete and email (preferred)

PIGP Scholarship Application as pdf to print and postal mail