I am so grateful for the spiritual companionship I experienced with Angela York Crane during my years at the Haden Institute and beyond. Anj is a sensitive and insightful guide. She brings her considerable experience and training to bear when working with groups and 1:1. My faith journey has been impacted in many ways by my time with her and new vistas of understanding have opened.

Anj is a gift to spiritual seekers everywhere. She is intuitive, able to assist the individual in moving beyond established patterns. This good work has equipped me to serve in a world which desperately needs justice, love and healing.

-- L.Quinlan, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


God puts special people in our lives. Anj is one of those people for me. she has become a confidant, a spiritual guide, an elder, and, most importantly, a friend. Anj is a leader in the true sense of the word. I watched her and participated with her as she led our group over a two-year period. She gently held the people within my small group and allowed us to grow and develop as both spiritual guides for others and as spiritual people.

Not only did Anj ask the hard questions at times but also encouraged us to ask the hard questions. She helped me to better understand my calling and encouraged me to speak my mind. She counseled me when I needed counsel and asked for counsel from me when she needed such; this, in itself, showed me what mentorship and community is truly about.

Years later,  Anj remains a spiritual guide and friend to me as well as my forever mentor. I thank God for her each day.

Morgan Lee, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC


I was blessed to work with Anj as my small-group mentor over two years at the Haden Institute's spiritual direction training program. I remember the very first day I met her: as we nervous, excited, and hopeful would-be spiritual directors entered our meeting room for the first time, Anj was already there, sitting quietly. Without a word she invited us to join her. She cast a circle of stillness and calm that day which embraced all of us, and in many ways held us throughout the program. Over the next few months, Anj encouraged me in searching and learning. She comforted me when unexpected losses brought me low. With her words, with her silence, and with her being, she modeled for all of us what it means to live in the light of G-d. Even now, thinking back on her spiritual leadership, I find myself dropping down into a deeper peace and spaciousness of spirit. She is a mighty presence in this world and a truly generous teacher.

Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig, Minister, Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists,Williamsburg, VA


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