Participating in Christopher’s workshop was a profound experience. His gift for facilitating group experiences combined with his extensive knowledge and experience created an environment that allowed for rich sharing and deep insights. For me it was a "before and after" experience. Seeds were planted that continue – even 2 years later – to blossom and grow. I remain grateful for his willingness to engage in this work and to share his gifts with others.

Ruth Moeller, Charlotte Friends Meeting, Charlotte, NC


In Christopher's workshop, I had a profound opening to love. He offered us practices and experiences with which to do this work as well as a safe and sacred space in which to do it. Opening and connecting my heart to love of others and of God was overwhelming for me, and I always felt that we were walking in the Light together, at our own pace, in joy. I am very grateful for this experience.

JT Dorr-Bremme, Monadnock Quaker Meeting, Jaffrey, NH


Christopher’s skillful leadership of our workshop established an atmosphere of safety and trust that allowed us to go deep. I can honestly say that Thursday's worship, which wouldn't stop even when it was time to leave, was the deepest communal worship I have ever experienced. I will not soon forget it!

Tony Martin, Roanoke Friends Meeting, Roanoke, VA


Christopher led two workshops for our meeting several years back. He came prepared, and conveyed the sense that once he had sat down with us, he was with us completely. His presence was gentle, tender, immediate, and grounded. He listened deeply. We found ourselves drawn together in love and open to the movement of Spirit among us. Our experience of worship was nourished and deepened, a change that persisted after he left.

Antonia Saxton, Ithaca Monthly Meeting, Ithaca, NY


Taking Christopher's workshop at FGC was a transformative experience for me. The workshop offered the opportunity to "go deep," to  explore my relationship with the Divine in new ways. Not only did I spend the week immersed in Spirit, the workshop provided the spark I needed to expand my spiritual practice, and to begin to make connections with others within my Meeting community on a similar spiritual journey.

Barbara Fischer, Madison Monthly Meeting, Madison, WI


I have been fortunate to participate in two of Christopher Sammond's retreats on Opening to the Heart of Worship.  Christopher is a Spirit-led, highly skilled facilitator. He is extremely organized with a plan for each session, yet able to adapt that plan when group dynamics require a change in course.  He adeptly weaves Quaker and other spiritual wisdom writings into experience of their fruits.

Sarah Bur, Homewood Friends Meeting, Baltimore, MD


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